Shop For A Cause
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We have participated in the Macy’s Shop For A Cause program for several years in a row. Each year, this helps us to raise money to hold our annual client holiday party, which is funded solely by donations. This party is often the only holiday celebration that some of our clients have the opportunity to attend, and the money raised through Macy’s Shop For A Cause program helps to ensure that we can have this party. We intend to participate in this program for as long as it is offered!

Stephanie Holtgrefe
Central Clinic Behavioral Services – Adult Division

Savings Pass Sales & Reporting Questions

Q. How much do we sell the savings passes for?

Savings passes are to be treated as cash and sold for $5 each. Savings passes cannot be given away, discounted or reproduced. Checks for savings passes should be made out directly to your organization. Your organization keeps 100% of the savings pass sales.

Q. Can I sell savings passes online?

Participating charities may sell savings passes from their websites. If your charity opts to sell savings passes online, you may download an electronic savings pass (PDF) from the RESOURCES tab of the Shop For A Cause website after logging in.

Q. Can my charity sell savings passes in my Macy’s store?

We encourage all participating charities to leverage their own networks and sell the savings passes to their constituents and supporters. Charities are not permitted to sell savings passes in the stores. Please note: Beginning on or around mid-August, Macy’s associates will also sell savings passes in stores to benefit the March of Dimes, our national in-store beneficiary of Shop For A Cause.

Q. How can we spread the word about this event?

Macy's will send out news releases to local media and market the event in our stores. Once your organization has been approved, you will be able to access flyers and talking points to use to market to your donors from the RESOURCES tab on this website. Every organization is encouraged to market its fundraising efforts to its constituents via social media (Facebook , Twitter), eblasts, newsletters, posters, or other appropriate vehicles.

Q. How often do I need to report our savings pass sales?

Participating organizations are responsible for distributing savings passes among their staff and volunteers. Your group is responsible for developing a system to report savings pass sales to your Shop For A Cause Campaign Leader, who will then update your savings pass sales weekly on this website.

Macy’s uses reported savings pass sales information to assist in planning events and staffing for the day of the event.

Please note that savings pass sales are reported under the honor system.

Q. Can I check out more savings passes?


Q. What is the maximum number of savings passes my group can sell?

50-100 savings passes will be given to each charity at a time. Once you sell and report your initial quantity you are welcome to come back for additional savings passes. Larger quantities of initial savings passes can be specially requested.

Q. Are there any restrictions on expanding our volunteer base?

No. You may want to get sister organizations to assist you with your savings pass sale efforts. However, your organization's Campaign Leader will be responsible for accounting for your savings pass sales.

Q. How long can my group sell savings passes?

Until the day of the event.

Q. Can savings passes be purchased at registers on the day of the event?

Macy’s associates will begin selling savings passes in all stores to benefit the March of Dimes in mid-August through the day of the event.